Ukraine live : 'Massive missile assault' in Kyiv and throughout the nation

Ukraine – On Thursday morning, Ukrainian officials reported more than 100 inbound missiles, activating air defence systems across the nation.

Ukraine-The air force warned of a "major missile onslaught" from air and sea-based cruise missiles

Ukraine- Loud explosions could be heard in the Ukrainian capital, prompting city officials to advise inhabitants to seek cover

Practically all electricity went out in the western city of Lviv. Loud explosions could be heard in the Ukrainian capital. 

Ukraine: Here is the most recent information about the conflict and its consequences.

According to Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak, about 120 missiles were launched. 

Ukraine: Earlier in December, Ukrainian officials reported a large missile strike throughout the nation with more than 60 missiles.

The enemy attacked Ukraine from multiple directions," the Ukrainian air force warned early Thursday

 Kharkiv in the northeast and Lviv in the west reported a series of bombings. It was unclear if the explosions were caused by attacks or air defences. 

The mayor of Kyiv stated 16 missiles were destroyed, and the governor of Odessa said air defences foiled 21 missiles.

Ukraine: The mayor of Lviv reported that most of the city near the Polish border had lost electricity.

Ukraine: 90% of Lviv is without light," wrote Andriy Sadovyi. "There are no trams or trolleybuses in the city.There may be water supply outages."