How do we use Youth Connect? Game consoles, of course, as well as bell bottoms, pimples, Furbys, and so on. 

Whether you belonged to the Game Boy or the N64 league, we all had a love of gaming as our top activity.

Gaming has long ago established itself as a central aspect of society

.In Germany alone, computer and video game sales generated almost 1.2 billion euros in revenue in 2015. 

The Playstation 2, which has so far sold 158 million copies, is the preferred gaming console.

Second and third place go to our beloved Game Boy and Nintendo DS, respectively.

So it's understandable why the recent news that Nintendo will release a new gaming system the next year astounded players all around the world.

It is referred to as "Nintendo NX" and is anticipated to include the most recent Zelda installment in March 2017. 

According to rumors, the NX will be a single platform for mobile and home game consoles. 

 It should be possible to play games on the go from home using the integrated display controller.

TIME ONLINE reports on the ability to play via streaming. Other websites report futuristic Horseshoe controllers and an initial distribution in the United States. 

So far, Nintendo has kept a low profile in terms of more details.

The NX's true appearance will most likely be revealed next year. We'll wait with bated breath until then.