The moon could be claimed by China, according to NASA.

The head of NASA is concerned that China may claim the moon as its own domain and forbid future US moon landings. 

Bill Nelson, the current administrator of NASA, declared in an interview that "it is a fact that we are in a space race."

And it is true that we must keep an eye out to ensure that China do not reach a location on the moon under 

the pretense of conducting a scientific investigation, Nelson concluded. 

And it's not out of the question that they'd declare, "Keep out, we're here, this is our area." Nelson said 

Nelson, who was selected by President Biden to the top position at NASA in 2021, claimed he and

others are growing more worried about China's aspirations for lunar exploration. 

The nation's involvement in space has increased significantly over the past few years, 

and with the Chang'e 4 probe, it became the first nation to study the far side of the moon in 2019.

Nelson believes that the Communist country may have plans to control access to resource-rich areas of the moon's surface.

The US and other nations might then attempt to prevent them from establishing lunar bases and engaging in other activities there.

After sitting practically untouched for fifty years, the moon has resurfaced as a very appealing target for both nations.

A moon colony is seen to be a good starting place for further exploration and scientific missions throughout the solar system.