A Missouri woman allegedly tracked down and killed the men who allegedly stole her car, police said. Demesha Coleman, 35, was arrested after the crime and charged with two counts of murder,

one count of assault and three counts of armed criminal action. She allegedly shot Darius Jackson, 19, and Joseph Farrar, 49, who she believed had stolen her car.

Police responded to reports of a shooting at a St. Louis gas station, where they found Farrar and Jackson with gunshot wounds to the upper body.

A third man was shot in the head but survived the attack, police said. It s unclear whether the victims had stolen Ms. Coleman's car.

According to police, surveillance video shows Ms. Coleman approaching the gas station with a man who was also armed. She allegedly approached a Hyundai Tucson

she thought was hers, opened the door and fired her gun inside. Fox News reports that Ms. Coleman told investigators she went to the gas station to retrieve her stolen vehicle. She had no criminal record.

Hyundai and Kia thefts have spiked in the St. Louis region in recent weeks. A viral TikTok trend showed users how to use USB cables to hotwire their

cars and likely contributed to the jump in thefts. Car manufacturers are facing a class action lawsuit as a result. "They are very easy to steal, unfortunately," Buffalo Police Chief Joseph Gramaglia said after a group of teenagers died in a crash after stealing a Kia Sportage.

 "You can look at the information that was released there," Gramaglia continued. "There are numerous cities across the country that want to sue or have already sued Kia because it's so easy to steal these cars.

According to the St. Louis Dispatch, two teenagers were shot and killed on Halloween when they allegedly stole a woman's Kia from her north St. Louis home.

The woman tracked her car to two different locations before finding it. It is unclear who actually shot the teens. That same night, another man used GPS,

to track down a family member's stolen vehicle. He eventually got into a firefight with the theft suspects before police arrested the entire group.