Vibe: On Friday, Taeyang and Jimin release their brand-new song, “Vibe”

“You know we got that vibe baby/Look at you, look at you/You got the vibe, I can feel it, It’s a vibe,” the two boy band members rap and sing in the song as they alternate verses.

A perfectly groovy video that showcases the duo’s charismatic dancing is included with the song.

Before it was even published, “Vibe” landed at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Trending Songs Powered by the Twitter chart (January 14), partly as a result of the collab’s announcement and the ensuing swoon-worthy teaser posters starring the two idols.

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Since being released from his conscription into the South Korean military in November 2019, this song is Taeyang’s first solo effort.

As of right now, “Bazinga” by SB19 and Jimin’s 2022 collaboration have both had the second-longest runs at No. 1 on the Hot Trending Songs chart. After only a few weeks had passed since the debut of his solo picture folio Me, Myself, and Jimin: ‘ID: Chaos,’ the BTS member celebrated his 27th birthday last fall, which was observed by ARMY all over the world.


While BIGBANG may have spent years in the military in the past, BTS members are only now starting the process of enlisting in the military as needed by their home country. In a touching video uploaded to the group’s official YouTube page in December, Jimin and his bandmates sent Jin off to basic training at the army installation in Yeoncheon with his freshly cut locks.

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The BIGBANG member signed a new contract with YG Entertainment’s The Black Label last year, and the boy band also made its comeback with the single “Still Life,” after a four-year break.

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