They believed their daughter to be dead. But?

They believed their daughter to be dead. Instead, she is incarcerated after being charged with murdering her identical twin.


When German parents went looking for their missing daughter and discovered her dead in a car with stab wounds, they assumed the worst.

However, authorities said that the person they discovered dead wasn’t their daughter but rather someone who resembled her. Their daughter is now suspected of murdering the woman in an effort to stage her own demise.

The unusual incident started in August when the couple traveled from Munich to Ingolstadt in search of their daughter, a German-Iraqi woman known as Shahraban K, according to German news source Bild.

The parents discovered what they thought to be their daughter’s body in a car on the evening of August 16.

She was deemed to be a “victim of a violent crime,” according to the police, who added in a statement that the woman’s attempts to be revived by the responding officers were unsuccessful.

Police stated the following day that the emergency room physician could only determine the woman’s death and that forensic comparisons had created “huge concerns” about the woman’s identity.

A 23-year-old German-Iraqi woman “who was initially named as having been killed” was detained on suspicion of homicide on the night of August 17 by authorities after many witnesses provided suggestions to police regarding the death during the investigation of the lady’s identity.

A Kosovan guy, age 23, was also detained. According to police, the 23-year-old lady whose body was discovered on August 16th and who resided in a different federal state “looked extremely similar” to the person currently in custody.

A woman tries to pose as dead.


The suspect intended to go into hiding and fake her death because of family issues, detectives found, according to police who provided an update on the case on Monday.

The idea, according to officials, was for the suspects to hunt online for a lady who resembled the German-Iraqi woman, kill her, and then arrange her body so that it would be mistaken for the suspect.

According to investigators, the suspect met the victim on social media and convinced her to meet “with false promises.” On August 16, the two suspects went to the victim’s house via car and picked her up.

Authorities claimed that after being coaxed out of the car, the victim was stabbed many times before being slain in a forested location. The body of the victim was subsequently put inside the vehicle by the suspects, who then drove it to Ingolstadt, where it was discovered that night.

Prosecutors have filed warrants on the basis of the suspicion of murder, and the suspects have remained in detention since their arrest in August.

The crime is still being investigated, according to the police.

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