Joanna Gaines updates her fans on her health and posts a photo from the hospital.

Joanna Gaines insta a snapshot from the hospital and informs her followers of her condition.

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Joanna Gaines is now recovering from surgery and a hospital stay, so please send her positive energy. Joanna shared a picture of herself lying in a hospital bed on Thursday, writing that she had hurt her back while cheering in high school (“a basket toss turned back injury”) and had been struggling with the consequences ever since.

Joanna continued by saying that the timing of her first microdiscectomy, a procedure used to treat herniated lumbar discs, in 2001 was just wrong. Because of this, she had to postpone her second date with her future husband Chip Carter Gaines. She had to undergo the same treatment two weeks ago, which is unfortunate.

She said in her final sentence: “I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas week.”

It doesn’t sound enjoyable to have surgery right before the holidays, so let’s hope Joanna gets plenty of rest and recovers quickly.


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