Jenna Ortega’s Iconic ‘Wednesday’ Dance Scene on Netflix Is Everyone Going Crazy?

Whether or not you’ve seen Jenna Ortega’s new Netflix show, Wednesday, you’ve seen glimpses of its already-famous dance routine performed to the music of “The Goo Goo Muck” by The Cramps. The classic episode 4 scene has gone so viral that it even got a shout-out from none other than Lady Gaga. Here’s everything you need to know about the Wednesday dance scene, including Jenna’s inspiration for the choreography and one famous Kardashian who channeled her inner Addams on TikTok. P.S. But first, if you want to relive the event, here’s the video released via the official Wednesday Addams Twitter account. Enjoy it.

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Jenna Ortega Wednesday choreographed the dance.

As if we needed any more reasons to be fascinated with Jenna! Jenna admitted in a Netflix promotional video last week, “I choreographed that myself, and I think it’s quite evident that I’m not a dancer or choreographer.” Mind blown. Her co-stars feel the same way. In the video, Emma Myers immediately rebutted and indicated how much they liked watching the series’ heroine go down. “I could watch a whole show just of this,” said Percy Hynes White, who plays Xavier. Same here.

Jenna Ortega received a lot of inspiration from singers and other celebrities that portrayed Wednesday Addams.

“Thanks to Siouxsie Sioux, Bob Fosse’s Rich Man’s Frug, Lisa Loring, Lene Lovich, Denis Lavant, and archive film of goths dancing in clubs in the ’80s,” Jenna said in a subsequent tweet. Assisted me on this one.” (Lisa is most remembered for portraying Wednesday in the 1964-1966 comedy version of The Addams Family at the age of six.)

One platform user even went so far as to share side-by-side videos of these references as well as Wednesday’s concluding scene.

Because this dance has a lot! To! Provide! TikTok fans have been recreating Lady Gaga’s song “Bloody Mary” for themselves…including the North West. Kim Kardashian’s eldest takes on the craze by singing along to “Bloody Mary” before emerging with a glittery, black-and-white filter and full-on Wednesday-inspired hair and makeup. Examine it for yourself:

As is Lady Gaga.

The trend has grown so popular that Lady Gaga gave it a shout-out, extending an envious invitation to Wednesday.

BRB, manifesting a Wednesday season 2 with Mother Monster!

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