In “Harry & Meghan Markle,” Documentaries, Samantha Markle’s daughter Ashleigh speaks up for the first time.

Interviews with friends and family members who have never spoken publicly before, including Meghan Markle’s niece Ashleigh, Samantha Markle’s biological daughter, are included in the documentary about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

While Meghan and Samantha have no connection, Ashleigh, who was raised by her grandparents, and Meghan are pretty close.

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“During their on-camera interview, Ashleigh said, “I wanted a sister and she was like a little sister. There’s a sister element, there’s something maternal, she’s a best friend, she’s sorta all the stuff. Ash underwent a lot of hardships from the media simply due to association. I didn’t want all that drama to be a part of her life.”

Ashleigh also admitted that she stopped speaking to Samantha because of the way she treated Meghan Markle.

“Samatha quite quickly started expressing a lot of furious things about Meg towards me after the news initially broke,” she claimed. “It looked like no matter what I said, you know, her perspective didn’t alter and seemed to get angrier and bigger, and we stopped communicating. What was transmitted to me was possibly some resentment. Some folks are simply impossible to argue with.”

unfortunately, Meghan Markle and Harry‘s team decided that Ashleigh should not attend the royal wedding because of Samantha’s actions.

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How can we explain why the half-daughter sister’s daughter is invited to the wedding but not this half-sister, “Regarding the situation, Meghan Markle said on behalf of her communications team. “So the advice at the time was to not invite Ashleigh to our wedding. While H and I were driving, I dialed her number, put her on speakerphone, and explained to her the direction we were receiving and the rationale for this evaluation.”

In the meantime, Ashleigh described inconsolably, “I believe I stated that while I could understand where it was coming from, I was hurt somehow.

It has been difficult to feel like this relationship, which is so important to me, was severed as a result of my biological mother, knowing that it was because of her that it was affected in that way.

Ashleigh’s decision to take part in this docuseries suggests that she and Meghan have remained close, so hopefully, we’ll hear more from her when Volume II is released on December 15.

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