Follow These 3 Steps Immediately If You Purchase a New iPhone With iOS 16

Do These 3 Things Right Away If You Get a New iPhone With iOS 16

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The iPhone, and particularly the iPhone 14 series, will be a well-liked Christmas present this year. There are numerous new features to anticipate if you do decide to purchase the most recent Apple phone, including the Dynamic Island and the always-on display, but you’ll also get the option to explore the most recent iOS 16 software upgrade.
If you’ve never used iOS 16 before, there are three things you should do first to enhance your iPhone experience before exploring all the hidden features or the most bothersome settings. We’ll describe these things and demonstrate how they work.

1. Create a new wallpaper option for your iPhone’s lock screen as the first thing.

Make a fresh wallpaper selection available on your iPhone’s lock screen, in order.
With iOS 16, Apple entirely overhauled the lock screen, enabling you to completely modify different components like the date and time, add miniaturized widgets to keep track of the weather and breaking news and create numerous wallpaper profiles that you can quickly switch between.
And if you think it sounds appealing, you should customize your lock screen right now after installing iOS 16.

Press anywhere on the screen while it’s locked to create your lock screen, and when requested, unlock your smartphone. When you do that, a new lock screen interface will emerge, allowing you to navigate and modify your various lock screen wallpaper

You may browse among different Apple wallpapers, including those with weather and astronomy, emoji’s, and more if you touch the Plus button in the bottom right corner to create a new background. While some of these wallpapers already have widgets included, you may also add them later.

Select a picture with a person or item that is clearly in the foreground if you decide to contribute your own image. The new depth effect feature, which moves the time behind whatever object is in focus to create a layered look, can be used if you precisely alter the image.

Then, you may tap any of the lock screen’s components, including the date and time, to change how it looks. The Add Widgets button allows you to add tiny transparent widgets to that section of your wallpaper. When you’re done, hit Add, then select whether you want to use the wallpaper exclusively on your lock screen or also on your home screen. Apple has modified the iPhone 14’s lock screen in the following manner.

No. 2: Create a Focus profile to block messages from taking your attention away. iPhone

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Apple released Focus, an updated version of Do Not Disturb, last year. With Focus, you can select which messages and alerts you want to receive and block the others. However, iOS 16’s productivity function has undergone significant revisions, so if you want to lessen distractions on your iPhone, it’s worth checking out and configuring.

Go to Focus under Settings, then select the profile or profiles you want to customize. Then, within a Focus profile, you can decide which people and apps to receive notifications from, how to display silenced notifications on your lock screen, how to conceal notification badges, and how to set your lock screen and home screen wallpapers to switch automatically when your Focus profile is activated.

Additionally, you can plan when you want your Focus profile to activate (at night) and turn it off (when you wake up). You can see your sleep data using the Health app to decide on an appropriate Focus schedule.

Finally, Focus filters let you alter how apps and system settings communicate with you. For instance, you can apply an app filter to Safari so that only specific tabs appear, or to the Mail app so that only specific email messages are delivered to you. You can add a filter to the system settings to make Dark mode and Low Power mode turn on whenever your Focus profile is on.

After you’ve completed creating your Focus profile, slide down from the top-right corner of the screen to open the Control Center. From there, tap the Focus control to activate the profile you just made.

3. Configure iPhoto to eliminate duplicate images and videos in order to remove clutter and free up storage.

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Additionally, there is now a built-in tool in Photos that searches your camera roll for any duplicate images and videos if you need to free up some space on your iPhone. This is an excellent opportunity to perform some spring cleaning as well as get rid of files on your iPhone that are eating up space.

Go to the Albums tab under Photos, slide all the way down, and select Duplicates. To erase all of the duplicate images and videos at once, select Select > Select All > Merge after going through all of your images and movies. You can see the file size of each image or video at the bottom, so you should choose larger files first.

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