‘Flip or Flop’ star Christina Hall is now paying the price.

‘Flip or Flop’ star Christina Hall is now paying the price.

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The HGTV star posted to her Instagram account on Thursday, Dec. 22, informing her followers that she was undergoing tests to identify the root of “energetic imbalances” that were harming her health. A few hours later, she admitted to having lead and mercury poisoning.

The “Flip or Flop” star noted she underwent the testing at WAM, an institution for alternative wellness and medicine, and stated on her Instagram Story, “My scan revealed I have mercury and lead toxicity.” “Most likely from all the disgusting houses I’ve been in (all the horrible flips),” she says of the poisoning.

The WAM testing turned up more than just that, though. Christina said, “I have an excess of germs in my small intestine. So, after initially detoxifying everything with herbs and IVs, we’ll assess my health and address implants.

Only a few days ago, the reality TV personality claimed to have been “extremely fatigued” before learning of the poisoning. She thought it might be related to her breast implants.

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Christina hall commented, “I’ve had some undiagnosed health issues for years, and now I’m thinking this might be breast implant linked. I want to know how the women all feel about this.”

She outlined her issues: “Inflammation, autoimmune diseases (Hashimoto’s disease, PCOS, Raynaud’s syndrome), unexplained skin rashes, joint and muscle pain, dry eyes, GI issues, SIBO, acid reflux, cognitive fog, hormone imbalances, swollen lymph nodes, and adrenal fatigue. I come back as ANA positive. I primarily avoid dairy and gluten. My under-eye filler was also triggering an inflammatory response, so I had it all removed. Currently, the focus is only on cleansing and cultivating a happy attitude.”

The “Christina On the Coast” actress recently dissolved facial filler as part of her wellness journey.

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What is Christina doing now?

Christina’s latest series, “Christina in the Country,” is set in Tennessee, where the pair has a vacation house, and focuses on her life with Josh. This is a sequel to the show “Christina on the Coast,” which aired from 2019 to 2022.

What is the biggest profit of Flip or Flop?

$241,100 profit

How old is Christina Haack?

39 years (July9, 1983)

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