Deion Sanders Responds in Three Words To Fan Who Says He Left For Money

Deion Sanders’ choice to leave Jackson State for Colorado was not well accepted by all.

what happened to deion sanders
Deion Sanders, credit: Getty Images

After launching the HBCU program, the Hall of Famer accepted a more prominent coaching post with a Power Five college that can give him with greater resources. He’ll also make far more money, but Sanders denied changing professions for that reason.

Coach Prime asked that people “stop doing things for attention” in a tweet on Wednesday. One supporter encouraged Sanders to look in the mirror, stating he “ran to Colorado” for the money.
Sanders earned more than $33.5 million throughout his 14-season NFL career, according to Spotrac. He made a few million more playing baseball and has appeared in several marketing campaigns throughout the years.

what happened to deion sanders
Deion Sanders, credit: Getty Images

Of course, money helps. Sanders allegedly agreed to a five-year, $29.5 million contract with performance-based incentives. That’s a little more than his annual basic pay of $300,000 at Jackson State.

Deion Sanders also responded to another critic who “I’m Prime. I don’t require attention.” Deion Sanders’ shift to Colorado is drawing a lot of attention, whether he needs it or not.

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