Climate change/Environment Look: This is the very thing you want to see and know today

Through smoky, yellowed air, they watch as the flames consume the edge of their city. In Mandra, a region only west of Athens, Related Press picture taker Petros Giannakouris caught Greeks remaining on an edge and looking on as firefighting helicopters conveyed to three enormous fierce blazes destroying the Mediterranean scene.

Thousands cleared from beachfront regions south of Greece’s capital got back to their homes Tuesday when a fire at long last retreated. They’d gone through the night in lodgings, in open offices, even on sea shores.

Climate change: It’s seven days of limits across the world as midsummer intensity and terrible downpour buffet portions of the planet. This is what’s going on connected with the outrageous climate and the environment at the present time:

— Whether you live in the Mediterranean or are simply visiting as a traveler, specialists have a proposal: Remain inside. It’s excessively hot. More here from Colleen Barry and Jamey Keaten. What’s more, the rapidly spreading fires in Greece, Spain, and Switzerland are as yet seething

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— In Arizona, Phoenix is battling to beat the intensity — significantly more than expected for its commonly boiling environment. It’s breaking its own record, truth be told. Here is a report from Seth Borenstein and Anita Snow.

—In France, dry season and diligent intensity have the travel industry administrators stressed over their future. Daniel Cole takes a gander at how they are attempting to change.

QUOTABLE: “I’ve been over here quite a while and destitute for around three years. At the point when this is how things have been, you simply need to get into the shade. This last week has been the most sultry I at any point recall.” — Lisa Miccichi, 38, pushing a shopping basket loaded up with her possessions through midtown Phoenix on Tuesday, searching for a spot to escape the intensity.

Climate change: What do you think?

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