Is China affected due to covid

China said,80% of people are affected by the COVID outbreak.

China is unlikely to experience a significant Covid-19 recovery in the next two to three months because 80% of the population has already contracted the virus.

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An important government scientist stated on Saturday that the likelihood of a significant Covid -19 comeback over the next two or three months is minimal because 80% of the population has been exposed.

A second Covid wave is unlikely in the near future, according to Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist at the Center for China Disease Control and Prevention, despite the fact that the pandemic may spread due to the large number of people traveling during the current Lunar New Year holiday period, boosting infections in some areas.

As a result of newly relaxed Covid restrictions, hundreds of millions of Chinese are traveling across the country for holiday reunions, increasing concerns about fresh outbreaks in rural areas that are less prepared to deal with large outbreaks.

According to a National Health Commission official, the number of Covid patients in its fever clinics, ERs, and with serious conditions has peaked.

As of January, approximately 60,000 Covid patients had died in hospitals, according to government statistics. 12, or about a month after China abruptly abandoned its zero-Covid policy.

However, other authorities claimed that number likely grossly underestimates the real impact because it doesn’t include people who pass away at home and because many medical professionals have stated they are discouraged from indicating Covid as the cause of death.

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