AI chatbot and ChatGPT prohibited in New York Schools

A specific AI chatbot, called ChatGPT, has been prohibited in New York City schools.

AI chatbot

AI chatbot and ChatGPT- Technology is one of the things our generation possesses that many previous generations did not. Technology at their disposal can speed up the process and increase accessibility, in addition to using technology. Work for school and college is made simpler and more automated by the internet and programs like Grammarly, chatGPT, and plagiarism websites.

The New York City Department of Education has this week prohibited the use of the AI chatbot ChatGPT, which can assist in creating thoughtful writing for various assignments and projects. In order to prevent kids from accessing the website while in a learning setting, it is possible to block it across all department networks and devices in New York schools.

The Department of Education may criticize this a.i. website if it prevents students from studying. The student has not learned anything because it is capable of creating an entire assignment on a certain topic. It prevents the development of creative writing, comprehension, and problem-solving abilities. For both academic and professional success, all of these qualities are necessary.


A ban on artificial intelligence in New York City might have an impact on all other states because it is the largest school system in the nation.

The resources that students could utilize to manipulate their marks and avoid acquiring important skills are now known to educators. They worry that chatbots with artificial intelligence, like ChatGPT, would finish the students’ assignments.

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